Monday, October 8, 2007

The year is zero Summorum Pontificum.

Alright so maybe not but This does mark a new millennium and the much needed much sought after Reform of the Reform. Those of you who read the New Liturgical Movement know how long and how hard many of us have fought for this and now after fifty years it has final come. Our Holy Father Benedict the Great Has done more for us (and by us I mean The Church) than many of us ever dreamed and much much more than any (at least myself and others I know) dare truly hoped for. Summorum Pontificum or "The Motu Proprio" as it is commonly called is bringing about new hope and new joy, it is brining forth fire and zeal to a dieing world and to a dieing religion.

Did you just say dieing religion?

Isn't that the queer of it all, Christianity as a whole has been dieing for 2000 years, and then in its darkest moment after the murder, after the last patch of dirt has been laid down upon the earth and patted down it in all of its Glory, no in even more Glory than before comes back to life, the obstinate Christ resurrected and re-resurrected each time to be crucified again and each time to break out in some new place with more zeal and power each time. All Rites of Holy Mother Church Latin, and Byzantine, Chaldean and all the others have suffered for the last 5o years more than any other time in Church History, and it is the older generation that is trying to kill our Blessed Mother, those who love chaos and see it as a valid form of worship, who see destruction and ugliness as beauty and creation. And they who most hate us the young. Do not think I am applying a blanket statement because had it not been for some both known and unknown we would never have had a foot, all our past would have been lost to us as amnesia over a man.

I find it amazing how those most excited about the rebirth of the Tridentine are not the 50 and 60 somethings but the 13-25 crowed. And Easter Orthodox and Eastern Catholics are excited about it too, and why would they be? because they see a love for tradition Tradition and Faith.

The posts over the next several weeks (or so I hope I can post regularly) will be an attempt to show what this means and what we can hope for as well as to explain the Tridentine Liturgy in all its beauty.

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